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tv   FOX 31 Denver News 930P  FOX  January 5, 2016 1:35am-2:05am MST

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the driver accused of hitting and 10 euros.intentional boy at 630. another time for us for help and he said he also has a kid to kids we did didn't think twice about helping. >> i islet was talking to let people know who was coming through and eventually i got around to the point where i could get in front of him and that's where i blocked them off and put them into piquant leave. >> the drivers drivers expected to be identified on. to more smash and two more smash and grab burglaries happening in our morning first a verizon store was hit to couple of years away thieves broke into another store. at the verizon store thieves got away with the phone and fake tablets. invasive and risky type of burglary to me for not much of a payoff. >> here is the payoff of the store.
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the thief is wearing a distinctive purple and green jacket and gloves. he appears to be between 5-foot six and 5-foot 11. if you recognize this guy you were asked to call you're asked to call police. this sign was put up by an atheist group and whoever vandalized it's is clearly designed like that message. >> they say sticks and stones break bones but words will never hurt but one person says this makes him sad. >> i would've hoped that we would've come together as friends and neighbors brothers and sisters. >> they launched a holiday billboard campaign ran to get out of god which expected randy god which expected some backlash someone spray-painted god is not dead on the billboard. >> there rather childish shows
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nothing to help their position. it did nothing to help honestly good christians too. it tends to make them look bad and nobody wants that. >> people who live near the billboard are divided about vandalism. >> whoever did it you know i was wondering if that was a christian personal art was somebody that was trying to stop them. >> it's pretty sad to see vandalism like that, no matter whose opinion that is keep this person can see the sign from her driveway and doesn't agree with the vandals or its message. >> everyone has a right to their own opinion but they don't have to blasted out to the world like that you're you know? >> atheist group says it won't stop them from putting out a similar message next christmas. >> there they're also planning to put out this sign. they haven't decided if they will press charges once the vandal is found in this case. a tense situation between an armed militia and local and eventually authorities.
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across america. the father father and son's dwight and stephen hammond have turned themselves over after a rally was held to the town burns oregon on saturday which then led to an armed militia occupying headquarters of the national wildlife refuge. >>'s wife posted details on instagram about his death saying the night of the accident he fought his way out of the water and up a the hill before the state status of hypothermia setting. she said she believes he experienced no pain in his final moments and simply went to sleep. well the police say his oklahoma police say his boat capsized during the storm storm that today the justice department filed a multibillion-dollar lawsuit against automaker
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volkswagen admitted if diesel cars had illegal software installed to cheat emissions tests and about 500,000 vehicles in the us are affected by this. coming up at 5:30 p.m., why goats are chowing down a on christmas trees in one community
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r. event good news if you're looking for a new job in 2016, denver joins an impressive list of location for stock jobseekers. here hear stories affecting your money piquant not the way wall street wanted to start 2016. the dow dropped 276 points by the closing bell in the worst start to the new year since 2008. analysts say china's manufacturing sector is weakening and the currency could be devalued so investors went running. pensions in the middle east caused prices to spike temporarily after saudi arabia
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but that could end up affecting prices in the us since the companies won't be working together to manage the market but things should level out tomorrow on wall street. a stock of guns manufacturers surged on monday as the president is prepared to reveal new gun-control measures shows us measure shares of smith & wesson closed up nearly 6 percent yesterday. more firearm related background checks 19.7 million to be specific, have been conducted in 2015, and the president plans to country to pop the new tomorrow afternoon. while at wallet hub one of the us most popular cities for never 12. that's because 65 percent of denver's area tech places say they plan on hiring the next six months. world was number six on the list
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city with the best bargain for job seekers was plano texas followed by overland park kansas. >> we will take 12. that's pretty good. >> i've i bent i've been to plano. >> i've been to over the part. >> particular would take denver any day. >> me to. typically we don't have much of an appetite after all of those holiday dinner snacks and goodies but that is not true for one herd of goats. >> next grub for goats in the form of christmas trees. talk about roughage.
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kids are back to school and and erie residents may have found the perfect christmas tree disposal solution. >> and end dan drew shows us hungry goats may do the trick.
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>> i have always been really interested in feeding my family and knowing what goes into our food, our dinner. >> crawford planted more than roots in erie. >> tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, peas, beans, corn, melon. >> we have milk for our table milks, goat milk and cheese. >> they're better known as. >> ndn delilah and this is the big guy. >> pasture and had their mainstay but the crawford goats got a very special christmas gift under the tree. actually, it was the tree itself. >> christmas trees often go in the landfill. this is one way to keep them out of the landfill while also providing extra nutrition and excitement for the goats.
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a natural goat d warmer. it offers some variety in their diet and keeps them interested in what they are eating. crawford wants to work with nature and and utilize food sources others would dismiss as trash. now, halloween time. >> they love pumpkins. >> coming up, pumpkin pie erie style. >> it doesn't seem like it would take taste very good but goats she said the elite that eat anything. >> writes. they put out a facebook offer call for christmas trees which they say they have received a lot up and they don't need anymore so don't send yours. the final season of american idol premieres in two days so if you are one of the lucky ones to get the tryout try out when american idol was in town back in september you will want to watch wednesday night. some of the scenes from the denver auditions will be shown in the premiere this wednesday at 7 o'clock.
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american idol so tune in for the last time. i'm sad to see it go. >> we have been talking about what surprises they will have for this season. >> do you think simon will come back? >> i would like it if you would. >> and paula and randy whole gang. >> ryan dunker 10? >> who? >> oh the first guy the first ryan seacrest. >> who was your favorite winter? >> .-dot mccreary. >> carrie underwood probably you don't know? >> i don't know. >> you don't remember. >> was there kelly. >> she was number one the first one. >> kelly clarkson week and i on but i don't know who the other guy guys who just in what >> he didn't win. he was second place. i know that. >> you guys know more than i think you should. we will be watching wednesday as things get underway for that final american idol. lots of moisture coming in from
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snow and rain but it is very disorganized and one big storm system heading our way. cloud slide across colorado. there'll be lots of snow in the coming days and eventually we will see some of that snow in denver. temperatures very cold to the north and west and chile to the south and west. we get a spike of forties and fifties on the eastern plains that we will hold on for a couple of days until that cold air does return to the denver area. 25 right now southwest wind at three and you can see temperatures just about everywhere. particle castle rock down to 23 degrees 28 in boulder 25 fort collins and 28 in the georgetown area. across the rest of the state single digits showing up in the mountains 28 in show light at the 28 in montrose and all the way west so the first wave of
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get a couple of inches of snow. everything else is scattered. flow of moisture from the west we will keep the snow showers in the mountains and a few showers here in the east. we get into the upper thirties and upper forties from greeley to fort collins in colorado springs and we will have fifties in the south and east while the thirties and twenties will stay in the colorado high country. 20 in the morning, 40th the lunch hour to out it will warm up nicely there with clouds coming in as we go past the lunch hour but the winds will be light. temperatures in the low twenties and a drive to and from work and the only good thing about the clouds as it helps reduce this london long delay or otherwise the roads will be dry and coming up we will talk about how cold it will turn and how long howl on that cold air will stick around and the rest of the forecast. ahead in sports, a broncos defense is reacting after finishing the season ranked
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ab toast in la tonight. could they finish and finally cash in on their home advantage. new and tend to intend to people dead following a serious wreck that had a major denver intersection closed for hours. presidential hopefuls ringing in the new year with a packed schedule.
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this story has been written as has been great it's been great right now. he could have lost the ball. >> intercepted. >> he fumbled the damn ball. >> it's going to be recovered by the chargers and may be gary kubiak just feels that manning can give them a spark. >> helpfully and that it did to the super bowl again. >> what a story this game was. >> thank you their manual sanders sanders and the broncos home radio team for that quick descriptive narrative. like any story the ending is kind of an important part. broncos are sitting pretty number one overall seed home from the bench three wins away from hoisting up the lombardi trophy. one question, who will play quarterback? the leadership lifts that peyton manning provided in yesterday for's comfortable when he was
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most up in it he certainly appeared healthy coming back from his plantar fasciitis injury but of although all things but brock osweiler has done a seven crew starters of the broncos racked up five wins into a bond losses of decision time for gary kubiak but i guess it's going to wait a little longer. >> i have no timeline. i am focused right now and i'm going to go about it in the football team how we we're going to approach the next opponent so like i said, i'm giving them a break right now and we will settle down and get some schedules together and we go back to work thursday. >> meanwhile we've got some time in the bye week to look to the defense. they finished this year ranked number one overall first in yards allowed first in yards per play first in passing yards per
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>> >> broncos given back to work on thursday. to the avalanche now work colorado is making up some ground and they will get there quicker if they can properly establish some home ice trying to do so tonight's the pepsi center of the comedown for one nothing lead. kings come back to tie it on a power-play power play and that's where we pick it up. >> a great deflection goal by matthew shane there fishing credit with a gold made the
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colorado was tacked on and they currently lead at four live in florida won this game abs when also college beth morgan going on tonight down in lawrence number one.
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sure. monday, january 4 a gorgeous day in the city a a look at all with the magic happen yesterday. on the big stories. every throat you hear a lot to
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morning of a germ player who took quite a bit of time off is now along last back on the field and ready to leave denver. were not talking about peyton manning. we talked about the veteran players she's back after maternity. see you. you look like a million dollars.
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he kind of smell like enfamil. security but she is not the cutest thing in the planet. i have to say him and love what that little girl not to diminish or other adorable daughter. can i just tell you i actually enjoyed it. this is what people love their case. i'm in the moment i like it. and then she vomited. i feel real story for your first daughter apparently detected excited to real as you like them. i missed you so much. we are talking about peyton
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the show. the question now is folks can you bring paid him back in here really quick. food we want in the playoffs do we want pain manning are brock ozma weather with a couple online 80 percent voted for peyton manning do you agree? i want to remind everyone. pain chilly but pinch of bernard are the whole time. we hope it in. i do say i think pain is urged to go in a blaze of glory one last chance. brock's makes the broader better screensaver. and he's lake 67. good luck keeping we are rooting for you.
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hearts. i think they're both great guys and i love having to awesome quarterbacks. brock has a cute but. let's talk about other things that people wear. like enough to wear a bikini just what. -year-old senior models we're in them and things like women's health magazine. looking to ban it from my cover and she saying is because there goes to pump of the women never make them feel bad the pledges those words are gone. well you want to look at women with impossibly perfect bodies and bikinis all i would do would
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